Solmark Creative began using Squarespace in 2011, when the platform was a fraction as powerful as it is now. Introducing this service into our repertoire fit perfectly with our business model to accommodate clients wanting a beautifully built website but whose budget didn’t allow for a complete custom designed and developed solution. 

Our love for Squarespace came with the desire to learn how to use the platform to it’s greatest potential by working outside the box. We work with their pre-existing templates solely as a starting point and enhance them using custom code, features and stylization. 

Because of our growing expertise, we quickly gained recognition and were awarded by Squarespace as one of their official Specialists. In addition to being featured at the top of this prestigious, sought after list, we frequent their New York City headquarters for meetings, are often asked to provide user-feedback and have been invited to speak at meet-ups and events. 

50+ Squarespace websites later, we remain on the top of the Specialists list and became certified as a Squarespace Authorized Trainer. Continuing to be an active part of their Circle community allows us to stay up-to-date with their advancements and confidently stay ahead of the game.


Some clients don't require multipage Squarespace websites and therefore need Microsites, which are one-page sites and act as the perfect teaser. We do these too! Beautifully, of course.