If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an infographic is worth a million data points. Data is so yaaaaawn, which is why we love marketing with infographics. When done well, an infographic can present complex information in a beautiful, easily-digestible, and clear fashion in one very shareable graphic. (Not bragging. Okay, bragging a little).

Since people tend to retain information better when it’s presented in a graphical format, infographics have become an increasingly popular way to deliver content, and we’ve delivered to consumer corporations (Johnson & Johnson), insurers (State National), telecoms (CenturyLink), nonprofit organizations (The Commonwealth Fund), educational institutions (Natural Gourmet Institute), and many small businesses.


Client: Natural Gourmet Institute 

The Natural Gourmet Institute approached us with the idea to create a series of 5 large infographic posters to display throughout the school that must also work as a smaller takeaway and social media graphic. 

They provided us with a basic starting point of subject matter, existing brand guidelines and rough copy. We strategized on how to best translate the deliverables provided with the goals to be visually compelling, on brand and easy to read. In addition to the overall design and layout, we rewrote the copy and choose the appropriate illustrations and imagery in order to achieve their goals. 

The family of infographic posters now hang beautifully in the prestigious Manhattan institution in order to inspire and educate passersby.

Who they are:

The leader in health-supportive culinary education


New York, New York


  • Infographics
  • Poster Design
  • Copywriting

Photo Credit: Natural Gourmet Institute
I had a great experience working with the Solmark Creative team in developing a family of infographics. Jenni is a talented designer who takes the time to really understand organizational needs and vision before beginning the creative process. Her team is communicative, works with urgency and consistently delivers an exceptional product.
— Jacqui Somen, Former Director of Marketing & Communications, Natural Gourmet Institute

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