Client: GritCycle

Marisa Wayne envisioned a place that would promote a positive and welcoming local community with a shared interest in both physical fitness and philanthropy. GritCycle quickly succeeded in just that from the moment they opened their doors and to this day almost every class results in a sought-after waiting list. 

Marisa and her team looked towards us to create a brand that honored the legacy of her well-known father, actor John Wayne, hence the logo’s eye-patch shape and name “GRIT”, in addition to feeling happy, fresh, high-end and cycle-centric.

Who they are:

Collection of indoor cycling studios promoting health, happiness, community and philanthropy


Costa Mesa, California
Monarch Beach, California
Long Beach, California
Anaheim Hills, California


  • Logo Design
  • Stationery System
  • Microsite Design & Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • zingfit Full Integration
  • Event Logo Design

Photo Credit: Kargas Media
Jenni and her team are perfectionists with vision. They are talented, organized and professional. She quickly grasped the look and feel we wanted at GritCycle and came up with the perfect logo. Her attention to detail and creative design transformed our website into a beautiful and clean page which is easy to navigate and full of all the important information.
— Marisa Wayne, Owner, GritCycle

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